June 14th track day at Carolina Motorsports Park

We are constantly looking for new ways for our customers to enjoy their fine automobiles.  Last year we tried one track day at Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP) in Kershaw SC to gauge interest and work through the logistics.  It was a very successful event with great feedback!

In 2021, if COVID guidance allows us, we will have three track days at CMP open to all of our customers.  Many of you are probably familiar with track days and many are not so a quick explanation.  

Track days are an opportunity to drive your car, a friend’s car and/or ride with someone on a true road course!  The experience will increase your comfort with your car, improve you driving skills, confidence behind the wheel and feel how cars respond in different situations.  These include accelerating, braking and cornering.  It is also extreme fun!

Event Date: June 14th and September 20th
Event Location: Carolina Motorsports Park
Event Registration Link: www.motorsportreg.com/events/automotive-international-track-day-carolina-motorsports-park-934001

Roebling Road Raceway
September 20th track day at Carolina Motorsports Park