Motori Italiani 2020

1995 Ferrari 348

The project starts with owner seeing a rendering of a Ferrari 355 with a custom made wide body, then a conversation with the builder about his ideas on a 348, talks of SEMA… Fast forward to finding an engine in Belgium to rebuild with upgrades and arrange its shipping to Automotive International.   Enjoying a glass of wine a 1995 Ferrari 348 appears on e-bay, the owner cannot resist, the bidding is about to end, a week later the 348 appears at AI and the journey begins. 

1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 1
The 1995 348 arrives with an engine in it. The engine from Belgium is already disassembled and at the machine shop so this one is coming out.
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 2
The engine was not bad, just a little tired, and one cannot have too many engines in the garage.
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 3
Stripping her down in preparation to drop the engine cradle.
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 4
Safely free from the car body and sitting on the engine dolly.
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 5
This is also how you do a major service on Ferrari 348 or 355 engines! But this one we will be relocating to a perment engine dolly of storage.
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 5
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 6
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 7
Cleaned up the engine bay! The blank canvas being prepared to accept the new, upgraded engine we were completing.
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 8
Build in progress, slow and steady to make sure it is just right.
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 9
While out of the car it is time to clean up and detail the suspension, half shafts, brakes…
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 10
Everything properly painted and being assembled.
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 11
Complete engine is installed in the cleaned, painted and detailed cradle. Ready to get it back in the body.
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 12
A thing of beauty on the outside and inside, ready for the road.
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 13
Tucked back into the body, everything double checked for proper alignment and torque on all the fasteners.
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 14
First fired her up with just these straight pipes! Awesome sound, ready for the track!
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 15
1995 Ferrari 348 - Image 16
But she will be a street car too so we went with the complete FabSpeed exhaust solution. Still sounds awesome!

Grand Opening of Our New Facility

1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
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Bring the whole family! Come enjoy food, drinks, games, tours, car watching and hanging with friends!

If you cannot make it please stop by anytime.



The 2016 Motori Italiani and After Party are in the history books.  Two great events in one day.  While the weather started a bit rainy it cleared around 10 AM and stayed beautiful the rest of the day.   The after party was very well attended and we want to thank all our friends and customers who were able to attend!  We are thankful we can do this and show our appreciation for our customers. As always special thanks to Kevin for the extraordinary effort to organize and run this event for 10 years!!! We hope all enjoyed.  Please enjoy the pictures!



Please join us at the Meet in the Mountains 65th Annual Rolls-Royce Owners Club at Biltmore Estate in Asheville North Carolina. The meet with be from July 31-August 4, 2016. The RROC SouthEast Region invites each and everyone of you and your families to join fellow club members and other guests in beautiful Asheville NC. There is five days of social events, local tours, technical seminars and the fabulous show and judging on the front lawn of the Biltmore Mansion. Please contact the co-chairs: Mary White ( or Jeff Trepel ( for additional information.

Jack Kennard

Jack Kennard

1952 RR Silver Wraith

Amelia Award, 2nd in his class