1972 Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4

Owner: Joe Henderson

Joe Henderson saved a 1972 Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB 4 (#15423) from its life as a drag strip car. The original owner had the carburetor tops removed, had velocity stacks put on and an aftermarket stereo with numerous speakers installed. Joe understood the value and legacy of the car and decided to restore it to its original glory. AI was given the opportunity to do this restoration. Besides having to pull the engine for a rebuild we spent lot of time restoring the body and its interior to original configuration. This included filling holes from new wires, cable and stereo. After the foundational work was done the greatest challenge was sourcing original parts for such a rare car. This took more than 12 months tracing down leads from around the world as well as sourcing parts from many countries. The greatest find was original carburetor tops and the original air filter housing. The car was kept with some of it original patina. Joe wanted to show age appropriate. Upon the car being delivered to his house on his birthday he immediately drove it 300 miles with his daughter. Joe was that confident in AI’s complete rebuild of the engine.

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